Kristy Deck has been impersonating Reba for 9 years. She is a master of the art! Kristy not only has a striking resemblance to Reba and can match her vocal expertise, but the way she talks and moves makes her unmistakably believable!

Kristy likes to tell the story….”I started impersonating Reba by accident. I had a band at the time and was playing a regular “house” gig in Nashville on the weekends. One of my booking agents called me up and said he’d become involved in an impersonator show that was new in Nashville and wanted to know if I’d be interested in singing in the show. I said, “Well, I can sound like Reba!” I auditioned for the show and they wanted me to start the next week. I said, “Wait….I have to look like her, too…right? I don’t know if I can get that together in a week!” But I did, and it was amazing how all the pieces fell together and the doors started opening. I never knew I would do this for any length of time, and much less make a career out of it! But I count it as a blessing that I get to sing and travel for a living.”

Kristy has traveled all across the United States, to Puerto Rico, and even to Southeast Asia as Reba. She performs at casinos, fairs & festivals, conventions, corporate parties, and other private functions.

For information about how to book Kristy as Reba, email